Monday, April 29, 2013

* Ribbons & fabrics series *

Using some lovely color of ribbons & fabrics to make bow clippes, LOVE shape clippies & rose clippies..:)
 Code: Russion Doll bow clip
Price: 800yen
* fix with russion doll made-in-jp limited fabric & pink polka-dot ribbon.
 Code: Blue heart shape ribbon bow clip
Price: 600yen
* fix with a navy blue ribbon & white polka-dot ribbon.
 Code: Russion Doll & Blur heart shape ribbon bow clippies
Price: 800yen & 600yen.
The size of the alligator clip is about 5cm in length.

Code: L-o-v-e & sweet in (violet & hot red)
Price: 600yen each.
* Handmade with l-o-v-e ribbons fixed in a 5cm alligator clip.


Code: Magical rose on the clip
Price: 500yen each.
* Handmade with a lovely 2 tones ribbon fixed in a 5cm alligator clip.


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